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Welcome to Talentfam - your global gateway to enchantment! Dive into a world where impossibilities vanish, as you connect with top-tier magicians from across the globe. Elevate your events with awe-inspiring illusions or uncover secrets from the masters themselves. Step inside, the magic awaits!

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Audiences on our selected Magicians can expect a dazzling array of performances and illusions designed to astonish, challenge and entertain. Magic transcends language and culture, igniting curiosity and delight across all ages. Experience extraordinary sleight-of-hand tricks, mind-boggling mentalism acts, grand illusion shows, and everything magical in-between. Our magicians are more than mere performers; they're artists, storytellers, and architects of astonishment.

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Popular Magic Types

Close-Up Magic

Ideal for smaller, intimate settings such as dinner parties or private gatherings. Close-up magic features subtle, sleight-of-hand techniques with cards, coins, and everyday objects. The magic happens right under your nose and sometimes even in your own hands, creating a personal and unforgettable experience.

Stage Magic

Larger in scale and spectacle, stage magic is perfect for theatres, banquet halls, or any large audience. Performances can range from grand illusions like levitating assistants and vanishing acts to audience-involved tricks. Stage magic is about creating moments of astonishment that fill the room.


Prepare to question the limits of the mind with this fascinating branch of magic. Mentalists perform feats that appear to include mind-reading, clairvoyance, telekinesis, and predictions. It's a psychological thrill ride that keeps audiences guessing.

Corporate Magic

Businesses seeking a unique twist to their events can benefit from our corporate magic shows. These could include a stage show that brings a sense of wonder to your annual gathering, close-up magic to liven up a cocktail hour, or even customized magic where the magician incorporates your company's message or product into their performance. It's a great way to build team spirit, impress clients, or just break the ice in a fun and memorable way.

Children's Magic

Tailored to captivate young minds, these shows are a delightful blend of comedy, color, and magic tricks that are age-appropriate and interactive. It's not just about amazing the kids; it's about making them feel like they're part of the magic.

Magic Workshops

Ever wanted to master a magic trick to impress your friends or just for the fun of it? Our magic workshops, led by professional magicians, are the perfect place to start. You'll learn the fundamentals of magic, from simple tricks to understanding the art of illusion.

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