Psychological Safety in the Workplace
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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

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Boost your team's performance with our "Psychological Safety in the Workplace" workshop.

Matias teaches the fundamentals of trust, respect, open communication, supportive feedback, and inclusion through a series of tricks designed to enhnce the participant's experience.

You might wonder how can he achieve this with magic? Your employees will participate in a series of interactive exercises that focus on creating an open environment where everyone feels empowered to collaborate and innovate without fear, driving growth and boosting your team's performance. And Matias' highly interctive tricks will keep them engaged and entertained while focusing on the core aspects of psychological safety.

We invite you to invest in your team today and use Matias' magical approach to unlock your organization's full potential.

About the Host

Talentfam member since May 12, 2024
Illusionist MatiasThe country where this Talent comes from
Illusionist Matias

Illusionist & Mentalist

📍 Brooklyn, United States
🗣 English, French, Spanish

Matias Letelier is an award-winning Chilean-American illusionist and mentalist, founder of Fun Corporate Magic. With over 25 years of experience, Matias’ unique blend of top-notch magic, mentalism, and high energy, has helped him become one of New York’s favorite entertainers for private and corporate events.

Even though he lives in New York, Matias constantly travels around the world to perform at corporate & private events, trade shows, and colleges shows, along with his residencies at Speakeasy Magick, the new hottest magic show in NYC.

With performances for Google, T-Mobile, Amazon, Red Bull, J.P.Morgan, IBM and BMW to name a few, Matias’ charming accent and exceptional talent have delighted millions of people across the USA and the world.

In his show, Matias mixes comedy and magic that will have everybody laughing, entertained, amused, and amazed. His performances include lots of active audience participation, stage illusions, and mind reading demonstrations. Oh, and you might get pickpocketed as well!

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