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Christophe’s performance is a touch of magic in an age dominated by technology. The magician combines the art of magic and **mindreading **with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create extraordinary reactions, live, on stage. The magician dazzles the eye and captivates the mind during his spellbinding performance as tables float, minds are read and metal bends. When the curtain falls, you are not certain whether you have been under the spell of a wonderful illusion or you have witnessed an extraordinary reality.

20 years as a full-time professional magician and mindreader means that you will get he best quality of magic to make your party unforgettable!

Christophe's magic is playful, very visual and contemporary. Whatever it's stealing you watch or telling you the name of you best friend at school, Christophe magic is better in person!


Forget stages and special settings, none are necessary. Pickpocket magic is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any kind of situation. At a formal dinner, the magician will normally meet and greet guests during the drinks reception, performing whilst moving from group to group, and then from table to table during the meal (between courses). If a sit-down meal is not involved then the magician will mix and mingle with the guests during the event as required. Magic is truly the ultimate in interactive entertainment.

What to expect

1. Strolling magic
During the drinks reception, performing whilst moving from group to groups.It's a perfect ice-breaker, stimulating chat between your guests and create a warm atmosphere.
2. Table hoping magic
Christophe can do his pickpocket-magic from table to table during the meal (between of courses).
3. Pickpocket-magic is very flexible
Pickpocket-magic can be adapted to almost any kind of situation. Forget stages and special settings – none are necessary.
4. Parlour mindreading-magic
Parlour mindreading-magic is a mini stage, perfect for 10 to 80 people. According to your preferences this kind of show may take from 5 to 60 minutes, or can be split to fit your event.
5. Stage pickpocket-magic or Mindreading
Show on stage, according to your preferences this show may take from 10 to 90 minutes.

A little magic goes a long way when you’re trying to organise a memorable corporate or private event. If you need to pull a little something special, then the pickpocket Magician Christophe Ambre can provide the perfect solution...

About the Host

Talentfam member since Jul 14, 2023
Christophe AmbreThe country where this Talent comes from
Christophe Ambre

Mindreader & Pickpocket Magician in Switzerland

📍 Zurich, Switzerland
🗣 English, French, German, Italian

A fascinating mixture of comedy, magic, visual effects full of surprises and interaction with the audience. Christophe, the magician in Switzerland, has combined advanced skills of sleight of hand with his extensive knowledge of pickpocketing. The result is a unique hybrid that affects his audience on an intimate level as the "magic" is happening on their person.

Christophe performs in Geneva, Zürich and across Switzerland. He has a warm and approachable character enables him to break the ice effortlessly, then he mesmerises people, spreading laughter, gasps of amazement and entertainment. He creates talking points that really gets the party going and leaves the audiences with a warm feeling and memories they’ll treasure for years to come. Known as the Swiss pickpocket magician, Christophe Ambre is an expert performer of close up and table magic for adult audiences across the Switzerland as well as internationally.

For business audiences (especially banking and insurance!) who want something unique at a conference, seminar session or after dinner speech, why not introduce a pickpocket or a mentalist posing as a company spokesman or industry expert?

Christophe Ambre is the Swiss magician for you!

Close up magic, comedy magic, mind reading-mentalism, stage appearance, pickpocket magic and escapology can all be combined to meet you requirement.

Christophe speaks English, French , Italian and German.

More than 20 years as a full-time professional magician mindreader means that you will get the best quality magic & mentalism delivered with professionalism and fun, garanteed to make your event special!

What you need to bring

What people say

(305 reviews)
Photo of Stefano Ferrari
Stefano Ferrari

Outstanding performance! Cristophe participated to a corporate event and created an atmosphere that made the event something to remember. A week has passed and his performance is still a matter of amusing discussions! Truly recommended. Last but not the least, he has a great experience in international environment. Thanks Cristophe!

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