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Discover the fun and entertaining way to liven up YOUR next party or corporate event, with the comedy and magic that will leave you gasping for more!

Dial up the fun with the “Defying Gravity” illusion show. Lighten the mood, or set the tone to create an exciting corporate or social event. Fill an evening Gala with the “Wows” that you are seeking for your main event. You provide the scene and we add the spark of magic.

Objects appear out of thin air and then vanish. Then they reappear across the room in an audience member’s hands. A levitating energy ball flies through the air. You will experience an evening of surprises, never knowing what will happen next.

Weave the show into an award ceremony to dissipate boredom and leave your audience spellbound. Provide the killer app that will make a memorable and buzzworthy product launch, or appreciation event.

Your participants will get the needed facetime to bond and connect; strengthening friendships while creating amazing experiences to talk about.

Whatever you have planned we’ll work to take it to another level by “Defying Gravity.”

About the Host

Talentfam member since Jul 07, 2023
Ben CoreyThe country where this Talent comes from
Ben Corey

Celebrity Virtual Magician

📍 Washington, United States
🗣 English

Ben Corey believes that everyone could always use more fun, and that life is always better when filled with more happiness. He’s made it his life’s work to bring happiness boosting experiences to others.

Ben Corey has been entertaining since he was a child. Now, after thousands of shows he brings his experience to stages across the world. From Las Vegas, to Wichita Kansas he jets around bringing joy and wonder to audiences. He does this because he loves waking people up after a long day of learning. He likes seeing people laughing and reinvigorated. It fuels his passion like nothing else.

He loves to plan and create the context where professionals, who often have serious jobs, and serious relationships with coworkers, get a chance to kick back together, laugh, and have fun. As he thinks about material for performance, he’s focused on what will really give people an experience to talk about, so the fun continues long after the show, to help team members and colleagues bond.

Ben Corey also has a voracious appetite for knowledge and lives for the challenge of bringing your conference topics to life. His love of improvisation, using the voice, and blowing people’s minds while learning a few things himself, brings him to conferences. The thrill of working as a team, flexibly rolling with rapidly adjusting timelines, and making it work in tandem with others gets Ben Corey out of bed excited every morning.

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(10 reviews)
Photo of Wendy Pepper
Wendy Pepper

You electrify the audience. Watching you, I felt like I was watching Chopin.

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