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Are you planning a company event for your employees or customers, about which your guests shall talk about for a long time?

Each event has its own challenge. A summer party differs from a Christmas party, or an event for customers differs from a staff anniversary celebration. Since I have already accompanied many such events, I can of course advise you in the planning of your event.

Close–up magic is suitable for every event, while a stage show is not always recommended. With close–up magic I can ensure a cheerful and relaxed mood, when I mix with the guests during the event. If this can be supplemented by a stage show must be checked, since the conditions are not always suitable.
You can rely on my years of experience so that your event will become a special event.

Over the years, I have built up a network, which I would be happy to provide. So I can help you in other questions around your planned event. For example, When choosing a DJ, a mobile cocktail bar or the like.

About the Host

Talentfam member since Mar 13, 2024
Martin EiseleThe country where this Talent comes from
Martin Eisele

World Champion of Magic

📍 Tübingen, Germany
🗣 German, English

As an electronic-engineer it was never my goal to perform for others. My intention was to understand how it is possible to enchant someone so that they don't know anymore what they can and can't believe.

I'm always thinking back to the time when I was so astonished by a magician that I thought real magic exists – and this coming from a scientist!

After I have spent a few years learning the principles and techniques behind magic, friends of mine "forced" me to perform at a party. It was my first experience in front of a big group and it was great. They had fun and for me it was such a great feeling that I made so many people happy! Even now it is still a beautiful experience for me when grown people stare at me with child like eyes and completely forget about the outside world (everyday life).

My first experience with a magician I still carry in me and I try to pass this on to my spectators. For me, during the performance, the secret is not the most important thing, but that such inexplicable things happen and in the manner that they occur. It is my ultimate goal that all guests feel comfortable, happy and satisfied at experiencing very magical moments.

I do not like it when a spectator is given a hard time or it comes to a contest between the magician and the audience along the lines of, "Look what I can do, and you do not understand!"

It is all about the enjoyment and celebration of experiencing these moments together – that's what I stand for!

My magic has nothing to do with the "dusty" image of a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, but rather it's the magic that happens close up at the audience and convinces them with visual, clear effects so that they are captivated, fascinated and thrilled!

For me not only strong magic effects are important, I also put much emphasis on humorous entertainment. Visual magic right at the audience without the smoke and mirrors.

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