What kids learn from magic shows

What kids learn from magic shows

From the magic of Santa to new levels of creativity

Childhood is bond with magic, starting already from the first peekaboo, or even (as Christmas is coming), writing the letter to Santa Claus. Magic, fairy tales, and the holy unreal is a cultural staple since already the antiquity. Each magic show, is nothing less that a magnificent tale blended with tricks and unreal little experiences which take place in front of the kids eyes, who are brought then into the world of magic and are encouraged to keep the magic alive afterwards.

And that makes magic shows some of the richest learning opportunities a kid can have while having lots of fun. They create endless opportunities for imagination and allow children to create a multidimensional environment where they can create new scenarios and ideas without limits. Elements of creativity and imagination flourish when children are inspired by something that seems other-worldly, and so captivating.

When a child sees a magic trick for the first time, their mind stretches to accommodate the new possibilities they are presented with...

"How did this happen?"

Magic shows are a mix of science and comedy, growing a genuine interest for the world, physics, limits and possibilities of the senses.

Fostering curiosity, independence and inspiration

Magic shows grow an immerse mimic excitement for kids to share their fascination and fun with others. One could say they are perfect bonding opportunities as kids experience magic shows with their families, siblings and friends, or when they try to perform the tricks to their younger siblings, starting a sort of family tradition.

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For children who have concentration problems or difficulties maintaining attention, magic can be a great solution. Magicians infuse often their programs with lessons and tools for learning as magic shows are always good for keeping attention.

They are captivating, entertaining and exciting, and most of all, interactive. Magicians bring the kids in the show, making them feel part of it. They experience it as protagonists.

The educational value of the magic shows for kids is not that the kids tend to believe in magic, it is that...

...they learn to believe in the magic that happens in real life, they create their dreams, and make the impossible, possible.

They can be what they want, they can try everything, they can create their worlds and influence the outcomes of the stories they create, they can dream, hope and strive no limits to perfection. A seven-year-old kid trying to excel in a trick with vanishing cards, that takes hours of practice, learns the values of trying, putting the maximum effort to achieve, and offer the achievement to the others.

Magic Performances are a social gift

Not to forget, the reason and motivation of all art works, also magic shows, is the communication with the addressee, the satisfaction of the audience; to the seven-year-old growing magician is to offer fun and smiles to the others, create fascinating experiences that will be great adult memories and traditions.

Teach your kid a magic trick and you will see the spark in the eye, the smile, the excitement.

This trick can be the trigger to boost your kid's confidence, to create more social interactions and engage with other kids.

Magic shows build (adult) characters

When the childhood memory of a great experience will fade, what would remain and carried over into adulthood would be the power of never stop believing, trying, dreaming and striving for the best, and that for the sake of the others. The little experimenting magician can grow to a happy, well-adjusted adult of a playful mindset and a positive attitude towards life.

Magic shows are good for kids, because they show life from its mostly inspiring perspective: full of opportunities, fun, excitement, emotions and smiles and teach us to live with others, aiming to offer, give and love.

Magic shows are an act of love

Let the magic happen in your kids life and make it stay as long as it gets.

That growing adult will appreciate it.

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