The Christmas Struggle of an Event Manager and the Solution

The Christmas Struggle of an Event Manager and the Solution

Welcome to the world of magic and merry Christmas!

The Perks of an Event Manager

I was the event manager of IGDS (Intercontinental Group of Department Stores) for more than five years, from 2015 until 2021, before and through the pandemic. I did all sorts of corporate events, workshops, webinars, dinners, galas, award ceremonies, special events, forums and summits. Organizing events for a group of department stores spread in 35 countries, 5 continents, and 42 entities - I did many events, for many functions and different groups, in different locations to enable participation for most, and in two time zones in the pandemic period. Attendance rates were good.

The Christmas Struggle

What I never managed to organize was a Christmas event for all of us; simply because before the Zoom revolution of the pandemic catastrophe, I could not bring all the people together, and during the pandemic because I simply did not know what I was missing.

If I would be now in the business I would go all in and host a Christmas virtual event for all these people in Singapore, Australia, Europe, USA, I could never bring together and I would celebrate holidays by celebrating what virtual world adds to our physical, the lack of limitations. 

And who shows best than anyone that there is no limit to what we can do and experience ... a magician ... or even a Zoom Magician allow me to say.

Remote Magic Experience for Companies and Families

Virtual magicians, especially those using Zoom, take the whole experience of “how did he do that?” to another level. Supported by fancy technology, the sounds, the visuals, the proximity, the quirkiness; maximizing impact, the fun, the engagement, fascination and the convenience. They do magic - they create magic and they offer generously to us through just a link. 

Even not spread across the globe, how many times you felt you are not in the mood to go to the office party? Have nothing to wear or no nanny for the kids? And you, the manager, how many times you had to refocus the budget, the food, the venue and stress over vendors? 

Virtual Magic Corporate Event - means everyone is around, relaxed, from the luxurious cozy corner, from home or from anywhere else, sharing the same experience, same fun, same screen. No one is late, no one has parking issues, no one hates the food, no one is bored - all take part - all love it - all talk about it next week. 

Because all love magic and get impressed by the objects planted in the room, or the words in their mouths and the ideas in their minds - all without noticing; without being physically there.

And winner is the Event Manager - having the perfect Christmas event, no budget settlements, no last minute changes, no attendance issues, no complains nor complications. Only fun, good internet connection and magic.

Just think maybe of sending a Xmas card or a bottle of wine to make it more festive as an add on. 

The rest will all be done by the Virtual Magician of your choice and Talentfam will help you make the right choice. 

Dive in, scroll through and enjoy a merry Christmas 👾🪄

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Photos by Al Elmes - Kathy Lee on Unsplash