Why you should book a Magician for your next Virtual Corporate Event!

Why you should book a Magician for your next Virtual Corporate Event!

Experience the next era of magic shows.

Life has returned back to normal after the crazy times of the pandemic. This period taught us some learnings, among others that we can work, collaborate and deliver projects while we are based in remote locations anywhere in the world.

Similarly, the entertainment sector experienced a shift towards new media. Magicians and artists in general experimented with virtual tools and softwares - we all became proficient in Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams - and reinvented the structure of their shows. Virtual Magicians invested in new equipment, methodologies and learnings to make sure they deliver equally powerful (if not more) experiences as in-person events. 

Plan for a successful corporate event

What makes your virtual event successful? What are the expectations of your company or team? Are you looking for an engaging, fun and memorable experience that your colleagues will discuss for weeks?

A good magician will be able to keep everyone engaged despite the distance among them, and can help add some much-needed fun to corporate events or happy hours.

Nobody can handle another boring online meeting with someone presenting PowerPoint slides and the audience passively participate or having the screens off. Virtual events have progressed tremendously during the last months and can offer immersive experiences that are unique.

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What to expect and how to prepare for a virtual magic show

If you haven’t experienced a virtual or online magic show already, you have missed out. But here is the good news: You are going to be amazed in a way you would never have imagined!

A good virtual magic show brings an element of excitement and entertainment that is sure to engage the audience. The virtual magician elevates the team spirit through unconventional acts and tailors the experience according to the circumstances. The show cannot be reproduced.

Virtual magicians don't need any props or special equipment, therefore they can easily adapt their act to fit a virtual setting. A good magician will also be able to interact with the audience and make them feel like they are part of the show. This is essential in keeping people engaged during a long virtual event and help people remember the event long after it's over.

The magician can help to break the ice and get everyone interacting with each other. He or she can provide some light-hearted entertainment that will lift everyone's spirits and make sure that the virtual event is memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

People in a virtual meeting

How to book a virtual magician

When the pandemic started and the in-person shows immediately ceased, some magicians started experimenting with online entertainment. But this shift was not easy and most artists avoided to take this route. To perform virtually is much harder compared to in-person events - magicians need to be technically proficient, learn how to interact with remote audience, and redesign the acts to accommodate the new medium. There are only a few magicians worldwide who have mastered this.

Before hiring your virtual magician, you need to make sure that he or she has the right competence and skill to provide an online experience that meets your expectations while accommodating your budget. Searching around the web and finding the right one can be a painful process. 

No need to go through this pain and uncertainty - you can find the best fit for you through the Talentfam community. At Talentfam we have done all the prep work for you and we feature only the best global magicians with proven expertise in virtual events. Our magicians have amazed audiences from the largest international corporations during farewell parties, happy hours, Christmas events, and more.

Leveraging the Talentfam platform, you can customize your search, filter your favorite magicians, go through their content or reviews from previous events, book at a time slot at your convenience and personalize your experience - the booking process will take less than 5 minutes. 

Are you unsure or have questions regarding virtual magic? Reach out at hello@talentfam.com

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