How your kid can benefit from a Virtual Magic Show

How your kid can benefit from a Virtual Magic Show

Our memories from childhood

Childhood is bond with magic; how often don’t we adults feel nostalgic about the time when we were five, seven or twelve and everything around us was somehow magical. We all do remember the shows we watched as kids, our first time at the movies, in the theater, watching a magic trick, a show for kids?

Here allow me a short stop. Check your memory. Let me guess, is your memory a mix of fascination and fear?

The darkness of the theater, the mystic of the performance, the unknown, the crowded audience, the number of (older) kids, the need to participate, to laugh, to understand, to enjoy; I remember as something magic but also intimidating.

I remember being quite afraid, resistant to leave my mom’s hand, happy to go home, and happier to have re-experiencing the show through my mother’s narrative - at home in my bed, in my pyjamas, before falling asleep, warm and safe.

Was I the only kid that actually enjoyed everything a little bit post-experience? Feeling safe in my pyjamas, with open lights and relieved that the magician did not make my mom disappear or turn to a rabbit? I believe not.

And there is more to that...

...I remember being prohibited to tell my younger cousins about it, because they would be too young to join, or not in the financial situation to afford, or just unable.

...I remember fighting with my brother for the best seat, squeezing in the queue, crying out that I am hungry, thirsty, that I need to go to the toilet, I am cold, and complaining that the magician did not pick me.

If I would be now nine years old or ten, I would have an additional stress that the show might not happen because a kid at school is sick, my father has symptoms, got stuck at work, could not find parking, or just cannot make it. The fear of presence would be boosted with the fear of missing out, of disappointment.

Attendee feeling lonely in an event

Are virtual shows good for kids?

YES. Large and capital. And here's why:


You can book an online magician and can control who your guests - it is a family-exclusive event, or you can extend the audience to more families. This is not possible with in-person magic shows for kids that are usually open the public (and sometimes unsafe). During the show, dad can steal a glimpse, the younger brother can be there though asleep, your kid can still heave fever, a broken leg and still enjoy it.

Connecting remote friends and family

Nowadays, kids are exposed into technology from early on and develop a special digital affinity. They might play online video games, get to know other kids from anywhere in the world. But only interact behind an avatar or a chat box. Virtual entertainment is the only way to connect these kids, see each others' faces and build a friendship, a global friendship that may stay for years to come. Allowing your kids to share experiences with friends (and families) that live far away, make new and without missing any fun.


Virtual magic shows are fun and exciting for kids. They seat for sure in the front, they participate and they can share their experience. They are highly interactive performed by specialized professional magicians.


Generally speaking, online events are better value-for-money. Booking cost for your magician is lower compared to an in-person magic show, not to consider additional costs, such as food & beverages, venue booking, transportation.


Virtual shows are much more accessible, more welcoming and inclusive. Kids with disability can have the same experience with all participants, nothing to worry about or feel uncomfortable. Virtual shows are same, same accessible and same witnessed for all.


An online show can hardly be cancelled, missed, or postponed because of traffic, unexpected illness, or difficulty. Nothing to be stressed about!

Young girl is happy with a headset

The online stage is same (or maybe more) fascinating

It is bright, full of lights, and colors that blossom joy. It is less deteriorating, less intimidating and friendlier to every kid, especially of this generation. The online stage is homy and feels safe: kids experience shows with their parents (siblings, friends) from the comfortable, safe, familiar environment of their homes, in their pyjamas, with their teddy bears, able to go to the toilet, drink water anytime..

The online stage feels more familiar and attractive in the digital world our kids live in, it matches their digital affinity. It is less raw, both real and unreal. The show happens so near and so far at the same time. The screen works as a safety zone, filtering what kids wish to keep in their real world and what they can leave aside.

So why miss out, why be scared of on all these amazing opportunities and tools the digital world offers?

What could be the harm of Zoom magicians, of technology and progress to our kids?

It will be their best friend and assistant though life.

Let them push the button.

Still unsure?

Are you free on Nov 23rd? Register for free and join Talentfam's Virtual Magic Experience preview for kids and families.

Make sure battery levels are high, and...enjoy the show.

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