7 Benefits of Virtual Events

7 Benefits of Virtual Events


As the world is developing and growing online, so do our events - elaborated in a virtual format. Virtual events have become increasingly popular as a way to connect with customers and clients.  Also, with so many employees working remotely, it is no longer feasible for companies to hold in-person events. Virtual / online events have become the new norm for them, seeking (better) alternatives for the traditional in-person events. 

Benefits of Virtual Events

Virtual events offer a number of advantages for businesses of all sizes.

  1. Simpler to organize
    Untroubled by default and saving the logistic headache. The only element to consider when hosting a virtual event is the quality of the internet connection. But that is much easier to handle than weather conditions, accidents, human failure from various vendors or even force majeure. 
  2. Lower costs
    In general, virtual events are cost-effective - need to only pay for the host. Costs of planning, rent space, food and beverages, transportation etc. are not included. No venue - no trouble - no hidden cost and extras. 
  3. Wider audience
    Participants can be from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. No geographical limitations. 
  4. Time saving
    No need to plan for transportation to remote venues or even fly to another country to attend the event, convenience is key. 
  5. Flexibility
    Virtual events can be held at any time and from anywhere in the world. This makes them much more accessible to potential attendees than in-person events, which are often constrained by location and time. Because the event takes place online, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of the event flow. There can be a smooth transition to different topics while keeping the sessions engaging; virtual events are flexible and tailor-made by default. 
  6. Interactive and engaging
    Online events are experienced the same way from all participants. With the right technology in place, you can create a more immersive experience, while with the right planning you can craft an engaging experience that replicates the best aspects of in-person events.
    Besides, imagine you participate in an in-person workshop and sit in the last row unable to listen to the host.
  7. Sustainability
    Virtual events are more sustainable than in-person events, as they generate less waste and have a smaller carbon footprint. For businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact, virtual events are a great option.
“During online events, anybody can ask a question in the chat, select an answer in a poll or interact in a Q&A session.”

How can I create an online event for my company or team

Virtual events offer the benefits mentioned above. However, compared to in-person events, there are the following two risks to carefully consider:

  • Missing the human aspect:
    Online events cannot stimulate all human senses as they are performed remotely by definition. Nevertheless, the experience can be superior if the right setup, people and topic are chosen. 
  • Finding the right fit
    Organizing an in-person event can be easy if you collaborate with an event agency with the tradeoff of losing control and visibility over your event. On the other side, there are thousands of options on the web (some of them falsely) claiming to be experts in virtual events. This is a big risk you wouldn’t want to take if you plan an important corporate event.

Think about what kind of event you want to host. Do you want it to be formal / educational or casual / just for fun? A great option if you are looking for a casual event is booking a Virtual Magician

Magicians are a great fit to elevate your company’s event - you need to be careful though on finding the right one. There are different skills needed to host an in-person versus a virtual magic experience, and searching online can be quite challenging. 

At Talentfam, a global community of professional magicians offering virtual and in-person experiences, we have done all the prep work for you. We feature only the best global magicians with proven expertise in virtual events. Our magicians have amazed audiences from the largest international corporations during farewell parties, happy hours, Christmas events, and more.

Leveraging the Talentfam platform, you can customize your search, filter your favorite magicians, go through their content or reviews from previous events, book at a time slot at your convenience and personalize your experience - the booking process will take less than 5 minutes. 

Are you unsure or have questions regarding hosting a virtual magic experience? Reach out at hello@talentfam.com

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